Deva Celebrates Women Who Give Back

This season we’re celebrating the art of giving back. We’re so inspired by these smart, passionate and strong women who dare to change the world by helping others. Join us as we celebrate these women who selflessly strive to do good.


Organization: Project St. Anne

Founder: Naïka Charles D’Haiti

Who They Are: Project St. Anne is an international non-profit organization established to enrich Haiti by providing nutritional, financial, and educational support. They strive to serve and maintain the dignity of the impoverished community of Haiti symbolized by the helping hands of St. Anne.

Why We Love Them: Project St. Anne was created by DevaCurl’s own Naika and a small group of friends and family who came together in 2008 to feed 100 people in Naika’s hometown community of Camp-Perrin. Through her passion and growing sponsorships, Project St. Anne has been able to feed 1,200 members each year.  In addition, they have educated 210 children to date.

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