Who we are

Project St. Anne is an international grassroots non-profit organization established by Haitian Americans in 2008. 

Our purpose is to transform lives for the better through community development and education. Through social endeavors, we provide educational, nutritional, and financial support to the community of Camp-Perrin. We are committed to continuing to promote and maintain Haiti’s future by investing in our greatest asset, “our children.” 


Project St. Anne’s objective is to provide financial support to the forgotten and underserved families by assisting them with the vital need of an education. Our promise is to continue to promote and maintain the future of Haiti by investing in our greatest asset, “our children”.

Everyone Deserves a Chance to a Better Future. Education is Key

The Team Behind PSA

Naïka Charles D’Haiti

Co-Founder/Executive Director

“Ede Project St Anne se ede ti moun yo, ede ti moun yo, se ede Ayiti, ede Ayiti, se ede tèt pa’w” Ede!

Lynda Bernard


“Love – because We are all One.   I value and believe in the inner light of all of those we serve in our community.  It is my passion to nourish and equip our deserving brothers and sisters with the tools that will make a difference in their lives and will brighten their future.”

Dinah Reme

Co-Founder/Lead Advisor
Strengthening the wellbeing of a community through education and emotional support is the cornerstone of a healthy life!

Dr. Vardy Pharel

Strengthening the wellbeing of a community through education and emotional support is the cornerstone of a healthy life!

Sabrina DaSilva

PSA’s Founder, Naika, is highly passionate and is on a mission to make a positive difference in the lives of the children that PSA supports. They utilize the resources in the most appropriate way that is in the best interest of the children. 

Randy Gornail

Haiti Operations Director
By providing the children with the means of an education, we also provide HOPE! We want to empower them and enable them to be self sufficient and build a community they are proud

Dr. Patrick Romeus

Treasurer & Secretary

Alain Flambert

Public Relations/Communication
Project St. Anne (PSA) se Lespwa pou tout timoun AYITI

Max D’Haiti

Chief Financial Officer
Investing in our children is investing in our future. We all need a helping hand.

Jeff Policard

Chief Marketing Officer
Education is the ultimate weapon

Kenbe la!
Watch the documentary about Project St.Anne below