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immediate and short-term needs of our 250 Earthquake students and families

On August 14, 2021 a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Southwestern Haiti. The epicenter was just 10 miles from Camp- Perrin, where Project St. Anne, Inc has supported the education of children and provided for community development for the past 13 years. After initial assessment of the damages, PSA needs your help NOW to satisfy the immediate and short-term needs of our 250 students and families.

You can donate via our Zelle account or on our website Use the earthquake relief tab.

Food and Water
Your Donation of:
$20 Will help feed a family of four for one week
$200 Will help feed that family through October 2021
$500 Will help feed that family through January 2022

Stable, Temporary Shelter
For a donation of approximately $400, we can provide a temporary shelter for a displaced family of four in Camp Perrin. This would roughly include:

16 – 2”x 4” x 12’ poles @ $5.50/pole
40 – lot (it’s a building thing) @$3.50/lot
26 – tin sheets @$3.75/sheet
1 – 17”x23” Tarp for over the roof @approximately $60/tarp

With your Generous Donation of $1000:
You could support a family of four with food, water, and shelter through the Christmas holidays and into 2022
We have Ambassadors on the ground who can purchase these items less expensively than what it would cost in the USA, or Canada and have it shipped.

If you’d prefer to purchase any of these items and send to Project St Anne, we desperately need:

Tents Should be large enough to accommodate at least 6 people. Should be easy to put up. Must be able to withstand a variety of weather situations for months. Homes will not be built for months. Expect to pay at least $200 per tent
Tarps 17” x 23” or larger. They need to be heavy duty and large enough to cover an entire family at night or when it rains. Heavy Duty tarps are about $150

Ship them to 10900 NW 21st, Unit 130, Miami, FL 33172 Attn: Project St. Anne

Help Us in our Recovery Phase, One Family at a Time, for our Fellow Camp Perrians.

We believe every person deserves the choice to live with dignity, not dependence.

WHY BEcome a Sponsor

They say it takes a village: we say it also takes a community of caring people to help the youth receive quality education for a better and brighter future to become better people of tomorrow, thriving for a better country. 

The source of it all is love. We love seeing our students grow year after year, thanks to the generosity of compassionate people like you. 

Indeed, YOU are the helping hands of St. Anne. Thanks to YOU, we bring hope, we give back. Your contribution of $150 – less than $13 a month, helps fund a child’s tuition for an entire year and covers one meal a day. 

Your contribution is your legacy to give a child the opportunity of a lifetime, and most importantly, the gift that keeps on giving… EDUCATION! 

Messages from our donors

Support Education and change a child’s life today!

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