6th Annual Project St Anne Toy Drive

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Kenbe La! The Documentary

Kenbe La! Documentary

A group of friends travel to Camp Perrin every summer to help bring hope to its children. Kenbe La is a song about hope. Through music, we want to raise awareness on the amazing efforts of Project St. Anne in the community of Camp-Perrin. Project St. Anne’s objective is to provide financial support to children by assisting them with the vital need of an education. Our promise is to continue to promote and maintain the future of Haïti by investing in our greatest asset, “our children”.

Few Facts

53% of Haitians are literate. Private schools have 80% of enrollments.

Haiti has the lowest rate of literacy in the Caribbean: Haiti (53%) Dominican Republic (87%) Jamaica (87.9%) Bahamas (95.6%) Cuba (99.8%).

33% of Haitians never attend school in Haiti.
Primary School Statistics

Of the 67% that attend primary school, 20% drop out before 3rd grade.

Of the 47% that continue after 3dr grade, 20% do not finish primary school.

The average student to teacher ratio in primary school is 46:1
Secondary School Statistics

Of the 22% that continue to secondary school 16% drop out before graduating

5% only graduate and do not pursue any further studies.

1% attend college.


84% of all college graduates leave the country.
At Project St. Anne our number 1 priority is EDUCATION.

53% Literacy
33% Never Attended School
20% Attendees Drop Out

How You Can Help

BE a Sponsor and give a child the opportunity of a lifetime!

Your contribution of $100 – less than $10 a month, will fund a child’s tuition for an entire year, cover one meal a day, and in some instances help pay for books.

Visit us on FaceBook under Project St.Anne. We encourage you to browse, experience, and become part our journey.

Project St. Anne is a 501c3 Non-profit Organization. Contributions are deductible under Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c)(3)

in ST. Anne, Haiti

Support our Education Efforts

$ 10000 Donation Needed

You can make a lasting change in this child's life by helping provide nutrition and health, childhood development, and an education. Give a gift of...

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We thank you for helping us feed thousands of people in need!

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