Project St. Anne

Few Facts

53% of Haitians are literate. Private schools have 80% of enrollments.

Haiti has the lowest rate of literacy in the Caribbean: Haiti (53%) Dominican Republic (87%) Jamaica (87.9%) Bahamas (95.6%) Cuba (99.8%).

33% of Haitians never attend school in Haiti.
Primary School Statistics

Of the 67% that attend primary school, 20% drop out before 3rd grade.

Of the 47% that continue after 3dr grade, 20% do not finish primary school.

The average student to teacher ratio in primary school is 46:1
Secondary School Statistics

Of the 22% that continue to secondary school 16% drop out before graduating

5% only graduate and do not pursue any further studies.

1% attend college.


84% of all college graduates leave the country.
At Project St. Anne our number 1 priority is EDUCATION.

Education program

You can make a lasting change in this child’s life by helping provide nutrition and health, …