Project St. Anne

Handbags for a cause

This event has expired

Calling ALL the Ladies to do something great and fun and rewarding by Giving Back an item you'd love to donate to another lady like YOU!

We encourage new handbags and most certainly welcome gently used full of goodies to help the women in Camp-Perrin, Haïti feel fresh & appreciated.

Details on the flyer or DM us if you need more info. Lynda BernardNaika Charles DHaiti


Drop off location: 10900 NW 21st St #130, Miami, FL 33172

Submission starts now and ends June 27th 2018.

We appreciate your kindness!

Start Time
12:00 AM
Sunday, March 19, 2017
Finish Time
12:00 AM
Thursday, April 27, 2017
10900 NW 21st St #130, Miami, FL 3317