PSA 2017 Summer Feast

Haiti, Camp-Perrin, St Anne
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Good morning world!! A few weeks ago Project St. Anne's team spent an entire day with our students for Back to School!

We are proud to announce that because of many loving and kindhearted people who believe in our mission, we were able to bring a magical moment to the community of Camp-Perrin, Haïti for this new school year......we went from 140 students to 210 students all together to be exac!! WHAT A WIN FOR THE COMMUNITY! WHAT A GIFT FOR THE CHILDREN! PLEASE HELP US BY PRAYING THAT THEY HAVE A GREAT/SAFE YEAR AND THAT WE CONTINUE TO SUPPORT THEM WITH LOVE & DIGNITY thanks to YOU!

Grateful to all who have helped us realize such a rewarding experience!!!

These 2 kids in the video had an exceptional great year and their prize was to receive brand new bikes. A tradition that Project St. Anne is committed too which also encourages the children to succeed!

A great day to all! Blessings from all of us*

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Keeping everyone affected by hurricane Irma in our thoughts and prayers. Keeping the Faith for everyone where hurricane Irma is making its way. Praying and hoping that the man above all will take control and keep those on Irma's path safe..

We are "better together".. Let's come together in prayer and not fear💙❤ #hurricaneirma #blessingsforall #loveforall #hope #keepthefaith

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Good morning from Haïti.. there's so much to say about the "Extraordinary Back to School Day" Project St. Anne had this past weekend! While we are still very high from feeling accomplished...... We are also feeling the LOVE from so many of you and we want to simply say THANK YOU💙❤

..@ Project St. Anne our focus for the community of Camp-Perrin, Haiti is EDUCATION! We are blessed / humbly proud / super- happy to announce that we are growing our "Education Sponsorship Program" from 140 students to 207 students................... We could have not done this without the support of some "key people" this past week........🙇‍♂️🇭🇹💙❤👏

You are ALL the "helping hands of St. Anne"... We live by our slogan and we strongly believe that "together we are better"

We wish all the students in Haïti and all over the world a wonderful / fun / safe fruitful Back to School year❣

Special thanks to Thierry Moise each family received a bag of bread along with their food kits! Mamou.... big thanks for your support! Many thanks to all of our supporters especially les Frères Thomas for collaborating with us by donating their beautiful space.

We are #bettertogether for #Haïti #campperrin #projetstanne #projectstanne #education #giveback #backtoschooltrip #feelingaccomplished

Cheers everyone! Love & Blessings*

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Tomorrow's happy hour is all about the children.........Join us! Be there! Brand-new backpacks are welcome! School supplies are a bonus! There will be some cool raffle prizes just in time to end your summer right!

It's not just about raising funds for Haïti's children.. It's giving a child the opportunity of a LIFETIME = Education & the necessary Tools to learn (just like we had the chance too). For more info on Project St. Anne - if you can't make it to the Back to School Party and would like to sponsor a child (send me a pm).

Great drinks & delicious Haïtian food awaits you!!

See you tomorrow & bring your friends too!!* 💙❤
#haïti #allaboutthechildren #campperrin #projectstanne #projetstanne #education #ourpassionforthekids #blessed Fred Lhérisson Maïco Dhaiti Lynda Bernard Reginald Leger Jude Gregory Dhaiti Patricia Remarais

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A very special THANK YOU goes out to Little Josie from Queen of the Apostles church in Belmont, NC!
Josie collected $11.00 from her Day Care for Project St. Anne! How Special is that?!!! And how special is this little girl that can teach us all a lesson - Young and old!!! She deemed it necessary to care for others showing that we all can do our part and make a difference for others just as special. Kudos to her parents for starting so young!
$11.00 will pay for 1 month of tuition for a child in elementary school!
A true testament that Big or Small we can all make a difference!!!
Josie - The Project St. Anne team Thanks you for showing us all that we can do " little things with Great Love!!!"

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